Names Brittany but most people call me Britt so feel free to do the same. I'm a major fan of Lost girl and Chuck and a few other shows. My top two ships from Lost girl are Valkubus & Denzi. And I have to say that I'm a big Chuck and Sarah Fan clearly. I'm also a Max and Eleanor Shipper and a big fan of Black Sails! Anything else you wanna know just ask! I'm a friendly person and won't bite unless I'm asked to ^_^

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Looks like Ksenia was on set yesterday…

Well now this is getting interesting!

she’s just like the weather, can’t hold her together

Lost Girl (3x12)


As an artist this I love this picture. As a RSkar fan I love this picture. Hands are something that I love to draw, most artists hate drawing them, but I love them, second only to drawing eyes, and this picture has both.

Yall I think that is Ksenia! I can’t be sure of course but she looks the same size of Ksenia. It’s either Ksenia or Chrisma.


Crackship -  Nina Dobrev/Rachel Skarsten (requested by anonymous)

Rachel Skarsten by Tim Leyes. 

you’re not like anyone I’ve ever met, in any of my many lifetimes.

That’s what love feels like.